Actu de l'ile Maurice



A  report has just been prepared and is underway to identify certain sectors and avenues where employments could be created in both the public and private sectors. In order to relieve and combat the number of unemployed in the country which is up to 46,000, a lot has to be done to resolve such a thorny problem. In fact this is the goal of the Joint Public-Private Sector Steering Committee. It is indecent and very frustrating today to learn from our Statistics Report that also over 5,000 graduates are unemployed today.

In order for the Public-Private Sector Steering Committee to achieve their goal to create employment, the State wants that 25,000 employments need to be created this year. Just for the public service, we have 8,000 posts need to be filled and are still vacant. The rest, that is 17,000 employments need to come from the private sector. The Joint Private-Public Sector Committee is actually working on a report which will be finalized in March this year, we are told from a reliable source from the Government House.

Focusing on unemployment, the report has already proposed some jobs in some sectors that could be created in both the short and long term. Such a proposition has already been endorsed by Cabinet Ministers as the discussion  on this issue of unemployment had been going on since quite a long time. In the course of this matter, Prime Minister had asked his Ministers to be more involved in this domain to facilitate the procedure concerning the projects of the private sector.

To recall, in its Economic Vision Statement 2030, SAJ had said that the state tends to create 100,000 jobs during the next five years. How could the Private-Public Sector meet that challenge? Regarding the Public Sector, it is suggested that Public Service Commission  board has not done much to encourage employment and in fact such a Commission has somewhat delayed recruitment procedures. There are today just over 7000 job vacancies still existing within the public sector that need to be filled. A budget has also been allocated by the Ministry of Finance to this effect.

According to our information, these jobs are located at all levels of administrative scales. Adding to that, there are 1,000 employments which are actually been proposed through registration on behalf of the Youth Employment Program. Moreover, we also have employments that need to be created by the private sector which will subsequently come on the  work market with the  help of the State. The blue economy is mentioned in this category with the creation of about 3,000 jobs on Ship Cruises.

Potential candidates looking for jobs on ship cruises will be formed and trained by the Mauritius Maritime Academy which is under the aegis of the government before they could be accepted on a permanent basis on these Cruises.

There are also some big projects of aquaculture as well as the launching of the Road Decongestion Program in which the work should start very soon. “ Ces projets seront chapeauté par l’Etat et ce sont les companies privés qui devraient employer le plus de gens” , we were told by the Ministry concerned.

When I asked Raj Makoond, the Chief Executive Officer the possibility about these 17,000 jobs that are supposed to be created solely by the private sector?  His answer was quite optimistic due to the planning and setting up of several major projects that will come up this year. Makoond himself  is a member of the Joint Public-Private Sector Steering Committee.

Thus, for the construction of Smart Cities and Education Village of Medine in the West, among others, should have a positive impact on this sector in 2017 and will create jobs. Tourism also has known growth. According to Raj Makoond, the tourism sector is today well established and the setting up of certain hotel projects should influence many investors.

Last but not least,  the creation one-stop-shop which comes into operation of the Maubank as well as the facilities offer by the banks should help the Small Medium Enterprise  sector(SME) to evolve with other developments for the country.

by Ahmad Macky