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Britam : Roshi Bhadain entendu à nouveau devant la commission Domah ce 30 août
L'ancien ministre des Services Financiers et de la Bonne Gouvernance, Roshi Bhadain.

Since he stormed out of the government, and we all know the underlying reason behind his departure 

«c’était l’homme frustré»

who had not got what he was yearning for, he has been in the full glare of the media spotlight. His latest show which has been making the headlines is his declared intention of resigning from the National Assembly in order to spark off a by-election in number 18 to express his utter disagreement with the government’s decision to go ahead with the Métro Express.

I don’t know whether he has judiciously weighed the pros and cons of his design in an attempt to force the government to back-pedal on the project, why has he not opted for a hunger strike which has become fashionable nowadays to put pressure on the government, but according to me his plan will backfire and it will be a veritable 

«coup d’épée dans l’eau»

as this will not make the government budge an inch in his decision to go ahead with the Métro Express.

Le Métro Express will be the most rapid and the surest means of transport. It will definitely help to put a brake on the number of road accidents. It will modernize the country and its transport system. It will help reduce the levels of environmental pollution. It will help create areas of activities to generate employment and so boost up the country’s economy.

«Dans ce pays tout est politisé à outrance»

 for political mileage. Even if Bhadain said that his opposition to the Métro Express did not date back yesterday, that he was not agreeable to the idea even when he was in the cabinet, I don’t think he would resign from the government today to spark off a by-election concerning the Métro Express if he were in the government,

«et moins encore s’il était le ministre dont il rêvait. Il aurait certainement rentré dans le rang»

and abide by the government‘s decision.

I would advise the government to send Bhadain headlong to hell with his by-election that he intends to spark off. The government has a lot of priorities than the by-election of Bhadain. Time is running up. The year 2019 will be the year of accountability to the electorate. It should not worry its mind about the Bhadain show which should be the least of his worries. Besides, in what way the by-election will impact on the government in Parliament. The government already enjoys a comfortable majority. None of its seats has been left vacant. So the outcome of the by-election will be immaterial to it.

If ever the show (by-election) of Bhadain is on, the government should on no account enter the race which will not bring anything to it in return. It should be a mere on-looker. Let Bhadain run his race in solo 

«li anvi re-galoupe pour rante dan parleman, zenes sa, li ena stamina!»

Apparently he wants to test his election endurance. Let him do it. The government has other fish to fry than to concern itself with the show of Bhadain.

By Raj Paneken