Actu de l'ile Maurice


This is the acknowledgement of Paul Bérenger «qui ne voit que du noir autour de lui»

As if the country is on the brink of an imminent disaster, the socio-economic situation of the country is in a desperate state, the country is in urgent need of a new leadership to put it back on the rails.

This is the acknowledgement of Paul Bérenger 

«qui ne voit que du noir autour de lui»

According him the country is crying for the general elections to set the house in order as though if he and Navin Ramgoolam had won the general elections in 2014, today the socio-economic climate of the country would have been rosy and the life of the inhabitants would have been better. He forgets that his alliance with the Labour Party of Navin Ramgoolam and his act of treachery to Sir Anerood Jugnauth were a blessing in disguise for the country. Luckily the electorate cast their votes intelligently by rejecting outright

«sa trahison»

and the abject leadership of Navin Ramgoolam.

«On a échappé belle! Tant mieux pour le pays et ses habitants.»

 Otherwise I wonder where we would have been today under another leadership of Navin Ramgoolam. Thank you, God for having helped the electorate 

« à faire le bon choix!»

Otherwise the socio-economic of the country would have definitely taken a turn for the worse and 

«ladrog ti pou continye don bal»

at the expense of our law and order. Fortunately the electorate saved the country by dumping them 

«dan karo kan.»

Mauritius is a blessed country. Each time the socio-economic climate of the country was being darkened by the leadership of the Ramgoolam (father in 1980 and son in 2014) a saviour was sent in the person of Sir Anerood Jugnauth, and now his son to redress the situation and put the country back on the rails.

Today Navin and Ton Polo are ill at ease in the political wilderness. Navin who adamantly refuses to loosen his grip on the leadership of the party is dreaming of a comeback to office again. Regarding Ton Polo 

«li nepli ena rol dan parlman, nek ABC.»

He thinks that only he and his party can soi-disant save the country. He is dreaming like his chemistry friend. His pretentions that his party will face the polls alone verge on the ridicule. How can he be so pretentious as to visualize himself in the driving seat of the country in 2020 when we all know that his party does not carry weight with the rural electorate! In a three-cornered contest― MSM, Labour Party and MMM, his party does not stand the ghost of a chance of winning the elections, especially when we know that it is the rural electorate which decide the outcome of the polls. The rural electorate will make mincemeat of him and his party. Bérenger will have to come to terms with that reality.

Besides, his slogan

«sauver l’île Maurice, sauver le pays»

is utterly hollow. It does not hold water. Does the country need Bérenger, Duval and still less Ramgoolam to save it? The country is already on the rails of progress. Apart from law and order which is in bad shape with an upswing in crime and violence along with armed robberies which are directly concerned with drug trafficking,

«le climat des affaires»

is breathing health. The feel-good factor is already here. 

«The Good Country Index»

of the United Nations ranks Mauritius in the first place on the African continent for its contribution to the welfare of its inhabitants.

Those who are clamouring for the general elections will have to cool their heels for two solid years before the country goes to the polls. The work started in 2014 is far from completion. The government has more than two years to complete its mandate before showing its achievements to the nation. Those who think that the government will call the country to the polls before the end of its mandate are simply dreaming. Bérenger has ample time to draw up the list of his 60 candidates before they board the Titanic in 2019/2020.

«Le pays est loin d’être en danger. Il peut se priver d’un sauveur!»

By Raj Paneken