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Sécurité des employés d’Air Mauritius: Les pilotes déplorent leurs conditions de travail

Sécurité des employés d’Air Mauritius: Les pilotes déplorent leurs conditions de travail

La tension continue de monter parmi la communauté des membres d’équipage de la compagnie nationale d’aviation. Une lettre a été envoyée au directeur de l’aviation civile pour faire part de certains griefs, surtout concernant les horaires de travail.

Les pilotes craignent que le surplus de travail auquel ils sont sujets n’apporte des résultats néfastes sur eux et sur les passagers, éventuellement.

Nous vous présentons une copie de la lettre, ainsi que la réponse du directeur de l’Aviation Civile, I. Pokun


The Director,

Civil Aviation Department

Reduction in Flight Safety


Dear Sir,

The current shortage of pilots at Air Mauritius is causing tremendous stress and fatigue to the pilot community. In that respect, we think that it is crucial for you to be apprised of our working conditions.

We are professional pilots, working very hard to make this airline run smoothly and this at the detriment of our personal and family lives. We are currently flying up    to the maximum legal hours allowed per year. Together, we have accumulated more than 4000 days of leave not being granted. We are continuously contacted on our days off to operate fights.

Most of us agree willingly out of good faith, as we understand the requirements of the industry. We strive to help in the best interest of the  airline and its customers generally but we feel that our efforts go unnoticed and that as a core of employees, we are taken for granted.

Those of us (mostly junior first officers) who attempt to resist requests to operate on their days off feel threatened with the possibility of future promotion within the company being denied or otherwise jeopardized.

Recently, we have recently seen three of our colleagues being dismissed summarily without any proper justification and without strict adherence to the law. There was even an attempt to deport one of them; rumors of a provisional charge of conspiracy being leveled against them and police  officers posted in front of their doors. Some of us are now scared to report unfit for duty fearing the same consequences.

Furthermore, this situation is creating a lot of   distraction on board at times when focus on safety-sensitive procedures is critical. We are now all concerned   about the future of our airline. You will appreciate that given our job description,   intense pressure, stress and fatigue on our community will significantly increase the risk of an incident  and/or God forbid, an accident.

We fear that with the current treatment meted to pilots, flight safety may be   severely compromised.

As the Authority in charge, we urge you to look into the matter for appropriate redress. We trust that you shall do the needful at your earliest convenience and thank you in anticipation.


CC:       Corporate Safety Office,

E.V.P Flight Operations

La réponse du directeur de l’Aviation Civile

Reduction in flight safety

1  message

I Pokhun <[email protected]>           Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 7:35 PM

To: [email protected]

Cc: DCA Mauritius <[email protected]>

Dear Sir,


We refer to you email of today and the letter attached thereto on the above subject. I would appreciated if you could submit the following:


  • the names of all the pilots who are affected i.e currently flying up to the maximum number of legal hours allowed per year; and
  • evidence that undue pressure is being exercised on pilots.


We wish to remind you that Licence holders shall not exercise the privileges of their licence and related ratings or certificates at any time when they are aware of any decrease in their medical fitness which might render them unable to safely exercise those privileges.


We rely on your professionalism to ensure that the above requirement is strictly adhered to.



I Pokhun

Director of Civil Aviation

Reduction in flight safety