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Kapil Sharma, back with a bang!

King of comedy, Kapil Sharma, to make a comeback in Salman Khan’s next?

Kapil Shama, back with a bang!


Comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma is back with a bang. However, after having tried his hand at acting he seemed to have realized that his true value lies in comedy. His witty jokes and comedic timing make him one of the most sought out comedians on Indian television. That’s why all of his fans are rejoicing since Kapil Sharma is launching his new show.

For the first promo of the show, he tweeted “Here is the first teaser of our new show on @SonyTV need ur best wishes.”  In the promo clip, the comedian is conversing with an auto driver, requesting him to drop him off at his desired location. As expected, the conversation takes a funny turn and Kapil Sharma works his charm once again. The script and the dialogues are classic Kapil-Sharma dialogues.

In a recent interview, Kapil opened up about his journey and said “I have learnt not to trust everyone blindly. One doesn’t know whether the people around you want your good or just want to do good for themselves. There are many people who fall under the second category. One should focus on their work. Duniya kya bol rahi hai dhyaan nahi dena chahiye (One should not think about what the world is saying). If you are good, your work is good, and that is enough.”

The show is expected to begin in March.