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Modi’s Crop Insurance Scheme on accelaration

Modi's Crop Insurance Scheme on accelaration

Modi’s Crop Insurance Scheme on accelaration

After Narendra Modi pledged to put more Indian farmers under crop insurance, the agricultural minister has schemed new guidelines to accelerate implementation of this ongoing scheme and maximise coverage to insure half of the cropped area by 2019.

The ministry has also said that it will employ 20 professionals so that issues related to the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme are addressed immediately and comprehensively. Such issues are usually inordinate delay in claim settlement and even non-payment of claims on flimsy grounds.

Though the coverage under the scheme has consistently been increasing with 30% of the gross cropped area being covered in 2016-17 as compared to 23% in 2015-16, it’s not uniformly implemented across the country due to varying degree of interests shown by states. The PM on Tuesday noted that as much as Rs 110 billion(indian currency) claims had been settled under the crop insurance scheme which was double of the past amount if one looked at per hectare or per farmer claim amount figures. “There has been good response to the scheme. The coverage has increased” minister of state for agriculture Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said.