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Enamadri Sunitha the women’s icon

Enamadri Sunitha the women's icon

Enamadri Sunitha the women’s icon

Women are nowadays making huge contribution to the economy and society. Enamadri Sunitha is 50 years old and lives in West Bengal, New Delhi. As a veteran, she continues to follow her dreams and inspires young women to engage in entrepreneurship and business.

Born to a poor family in a village in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur, she started karate at a young age under the women empowerment scheme. Enamadri is a life-long learner, after moving to West Bengal, she started language learning and cookery. She never took her eyes off her goals and years later she achieved the black belt in karate.

Moreover, her active participation in her community turned her into a regional icon. Raising awareness, she is empowering women with the help of the state. She owns a small spice business which she operates at local markets with the support of other women. She also shares her passion for karate with other women, as she initiates them for the launching of their own club.

Extending their collaboration to the police, the group of woman also helps in the fight against trafficking. These women, including Enamadri Sunity are positively impacting communities and setting room for development.