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Sridevi and Mona Kapoor’s deaths: cruel twist of fate

Sridevi and Mona Kapoor

Sridevi and Mona Kapoor’s deaths: cruel twist of fate

When you are in an industry like Bollywood and have an illustrious legacy like Sridevi, the yearning to see your children carry it on and make you proud is multiplied. However, it is truly a cruel twist of fate that neither Sridevi nor Arjun Kapoor’s mother, Mona Kapoor, got to see their children debut. Both of them passed away before they could see their children on the silver screen.

It is indeed a bizarre twist of morbid fate that both the wives of Boney Kapoor never lived long enough to see their children debut. Boney’s first wife Mona Kapoor died of cancer before watching her son Arjun debut in Bollywood. Arjun’s first movie, “Ishaqzaade” was to be released in 2012. However some months before, his mother passed away.

Sridevi, who passed away on Saturday night after suffering from a cardiac arrest, died before watching her daughter Jhanvi debut in “Dhadak”, releasing this July. Sridevi was a doting mother and was highly anticipating her daughter’s debut in Bollywood. She was always actively involved in shaping her daughter’s career.

It is even more saddening that Jhanvi couldn’t spend some more time with her mother. She was busy shooting for her film in India, while Sridevi and family had gone to Dubai to attend a wedding.