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Raid in South Kashmir: eight terrorists killed

Raid in South Kashmir: eight terrorists killed

Anti-terror operations led to the killing of eight terrorists by the security forces in south Kashmir. These operations had been carried out in the districts of Shopian and Anantnag.

According to the police, seven terrorists have been killed in the village of Draggad, Shopian district when a raid was performed early in the morning. One more terrorist was killed in Dialgam in Anantnag. The latter was asked to surrender but made resistance to the police. However, SP Vaid, Director General of Police declared that one terrorist was caught alive.

Four officers were injured during the operation in Anantnag and Shopian. Further raids are supposed to take place in Shopian where three more terrorists are allegedly hiding.

The railway service has been suspended between Srinagar and Banihal. Moreover, internet services have been interrupted in South Kashmir to prevent communications among the terrorists.

Investigations are being carried out and the captured terrorist will be interrogated.