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New Delhi: Wrong surgery performed on a patient

New Delhi: Wrong surgery performed on a patient

A senior doctor of the All India Medical Institute (AIIMS) landed into trouble after performing a dialysis on a patient, Rekha Devi, a resident of Bihar. She came at the AIIMS to seek treatment for abdominal pain during which her kidneys were examined. Even after not finding any kidney ailments, a dialysis was performed.

Following the incident, the doctor who is reportedly an Assistant Professor in the department of surgery at the AIIMS, tried to cover up the mistake by changing the documents.

Rekha was suffering from pain due to a complication caused by an abdominal surgery she had undergone at a hospital in her hometown Saharsa. In the hope of finding a cure, she approached the hospital and was taken to the operation theatre for examination. The next day the doctor performed a dialysis treatment on her. The woman stated that she did not suffer from any kidney problem. Moreover a wrong surgery performed on the patient has not been registered in the patients records but was mentioned in the nursing report.

For the time being, the doctor has been suspended from all clinical work and more investigation are being carried.