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Newborn baby snatched by monkey, found dead in a well

Newborn baby snatched by monkey, found dead in a well

In Odisha, a woman claimed that her day old baby was taken by a monkey while the baby was sleeping in his bed. The woman related how the monkey came into their house and took her baby. When she tried to stop the animal and to alarm neighbours, the monkey escaped, with the newborn.

According to police sub-inspector S.M. Baral, the woman tried in vain to stop the monkey as the latter took the baby, leaping over the roof and ran out of sight.

The baby was later found dead, in a well behind their house. “It seems while the monkey was jumping from the terrace my baby somehow slipped from its clutches and fell in the well,” said Rama Krushna Nayak, the baby’s father.

The police has declared that this kind of cases are very uncommon. While monkeys usually invade houses in search of food, they rarely attack people, assured police officer PC Pradhan.

The baby’s parents are convinced that the monkey is the one who had killed their child. The body was discovered by a woman who went to fetch water at the well, the latter informed the Police.

Though monkeys are considered sacred and hold a special status in the Indian society, protesters have filed a complaint against the rise of monkeys’ attacks.

Last year, a man died in Kendrapara district of Odisha, died after he was attacked by a monkey.