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BJP leader assaulted: Trinamool Congress supporters blamed

BJP leader assaulted: Trinamool Congress supporters blamed

A BJP leader’s car had been attacked by a group of man in West Bengal  Bankura, as he arrived at the District Magistrate’s office Friday. The leader, whose identity has not been unfolded, was to file a complaint in regard to violence over filing nominations for the coming panchayat polls next month.

The attackers, who covered their faces with scarves and helmets, assaulted the BJP leader as he got out his car.  The BJP had held accusations against agents of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) but the accusations had been denied by the West Bengal’s ruling party.

The West Bengal region has seen the rise of much violence recently, making the submission of nominations for coming May elections almost impossible. Opposition parties, CPM, BJP and Congress are all accusing the Trinamool Congress of political boycott. Though the various attacks could not until now be linked to the Trinamool Congress, most of its opponents argue that the TMC is playing a major role in those tumults.

Opposition parties had brought the case to court, to the governor and to the electoral commission.

In Birbhum, one police officer and twenty five civilians had been injured during clashes between BJP and TMC supporters.