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8 Year old boy abducted, kidnapper’s ransom: the woman he loves

8 Year old boy abducted, kidnapper’s ransom: the woman he loves

Ratlavath Chandru Naik, a class 3 student of Bharatiya Vidya Mandir School in Kothakota, 8 year old, was abducted by Vamsi Krishna, a 23-year-old. The latter, a cab driver, kidnapped the boy on Saturday 7 April from Kothakota in Wanaparthy district.

Though kidnapping cases are common across the country, this one is however different as it holds different motives. In fact, the kidnapper did not ask for ransom but instead ask for the woman he loves in exchange of the boy. Vamsi had an affair with the boy’s aunt who lives in Hyderabad. When the family members found out about their relationship, they warned the man not to see the woman again.

Vamsi then went to Bharatiya Vidya Mandir School to pick up Chandru, pretending that his aunt had a serious road accident. From this point, he phoned the boy’s parents, claiming that they would not get back their child if the woman he loves was not given to him.

A file was immediately filed and SP Rema Rajeshwari from Wanaparthy district constituted a rescue team to locate the boy. Within four hours of search, Telangana police was able to rescue the boy Monday 10 April at Pune railway station. A special team by Somanarayana Singh also participated to the rescue operations at the railway station. The kidnapper was also arrested and had been allegedly accused of kidnapping.