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Is Mira Rajput pregnant again?

Is Mira Rajput pregnant again?

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor are one of the most powerful couples of Bollywood. The much-in-love pair is currently experiencing the joy of parenthood with their 19-month old daughter, Misha. However, there have been rumours going around that Mira might be pregnant again. Fans have spotted what looks like a baby bump in many of her pictures on social media and they can’t help but speculate about the couple announcing their second child.

This is reinforced by the fact that Mira has actively expressed her desire to have a second baby. Mira has time and again mentioned that she does not want to enter Bollywood and wishes to have a second baby before starting to work.

In an interview with a magazine, Shahid had also said that Mira wants to have a second kid. Although she is just 22, she prefers to have a second child during this phase itself. Mira wants to flip the norm, have kids at a certain age, and then be free to do what she likes.

Shahid and Mira had a wonderful time during Mira’s first pregnancy. Shahid had mentioned that Mira’s first pregnancy was somewhat an empathetic one. It almost felt like they both were carrying the child. Although Mira was in labour, Shahid was the one feeling dizzy with anticipation. He equally felt the sense of responsibility and participation while Mira was carrying Misha.

Shahid and Mira have been couple goals for quite some time. Looks like they will also be family goals now!