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Arrested at last! Court brought Kuldeep Singh to justice!

Arrested at last! Court brought Kuldeep Singh to justice!

Kuldeep Singh Sengar had been arrested today forwarding harsh criticisms from the Allahabad High Court over Yogi Adityanath government. The latter was ammonised for not taking sanctions against Members of Legislative Assembly notwithstanding the rape charges lodged against him. Yogi Adiyanath government’s was flushed with embarrassment and could not respond to the Court’s questions on Thursday 12 April. The Court had underlined the integrity of the Lucknow police in investigating the 16 year old girl rape case.

Allahabad High Court added that all efforts shall be made to oversee the probe and bring the truth to spotlight. The Court also took into consideration Lucknow’s police remain idle on Kuldeep Singh arrest while, in contrast the rape’s victim father was put into custody in Sunday. The Special Investigation Team, set up by Yogi Adityanath’s government , had been put down and the case had been handed over to the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI). As a consequence, state’s police of Lucknow refused to arrest Kuldeep Singh arguing that the case was now in the hands of the CBI.

Jugdes panel, presided by Chief Justice DB Bhonsale and Justice Suneet Kumar, declared that the arrest of the accused was more than necessary to safeguard the Judiciary integrity and fairness. The Judges outlined that the machinery of the Judiciary system had been seriously dishonoured by the official’s behaviour over Unnao rape case. The police had greatly been influenced by the BJP lawmaker and had failed to act impartially.

Forwarding the Court’s orders, Kuldeep Singh had been questioned early this morning by the CBI. Three First Information Report(FIR) had been filed against Kuldeep Singh. The latter will be questioned on: Unnao’s rape; rioting charges and finally fake allegations against the victim’s father.