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Asifa rape case, Jammu- Kashmir police: “we work as police officers”

Asifa rape case, Jammu- Kashmir police: “we work as police officers”

Jammu- Kashmir police defends its impartiality over the running of investigations in Asifa gang rape case. They declared that there is no conflict of interests, forwarding harsh remarks by protestors pleading that Muslims police officers would use this case to favour Hindu bashing.  As the horrific rape and murder case took a political and communal turn, this has created an uneasy climate, as protestors called for the release of the rapists. Supporters of the culprits also asked for a probe by the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) and a handling over of the case to the mentioned agency.

Jammu-Kashmir police jurisdiction had however rejected this demand and assured that they have necessary competency for investigations. While the case was first covered-up by local policemen, the transferred of the case to the Crime branch of Jammu-Kashmir police triggered investigation and allowed the elaboration of a charge-sheet. This charge-sheet helped to bring to light much evidence concerning the on Kathua rape. Moreover, Jammu- Kashmir police insisted that they will not spare or cover up their colleagues who participated directly or indirectly to the crime. They assured that all the culprits will be punished for such an inhumane act.

As Jammu-Kashmir police, crime branch, started making arrests, local BJP activists attacked the police while having the support of two BJP Jammu members. In contrast, BJP leader Ram Madhav denounced the horrific crime of Asifa who was raped for days before being killed on 17 January.

Jammu- Kashmir police, added “In J&K Police or anywhere in the country, we work as police officers, we don’t work as Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs”. He underlined that Jammu-Kashmir police are professional officers and are driven by their religious beliefs.