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Sexually harassed, Dalit woman committed suicide

Sexually harassed, Dalit woman committed suicide

Tension over rape issues gets higher in India as cases of sexual abuse continue to be reported. Dalit woman committed suicide by hanging herself in her house. Prior to the incident, the latter tried to file a case at the district police against two men for sexual harassment. The two men are both residents of Rajpur village.

The victim worked in a brick klin as a labourer. Although the woman and husband went to the police station to complain against the accused, the police refused to take their statement. As this case came to light after the victim’s death, police sub inspector Subhash Chand has been suspended.

A suicide note was discovered alongside the victim’s body. The woman related she was sexually harassed by two men and how the police failed to take her case into consideration.

Two persons had been arrested in connection with the case of sexual harassment  while a case of suicide abatement had also been filed.