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Bank employee expelled after commenting on Kathua case

Bank employee expelled after commenting on Kathua case

A private bank in Kerala had terminated Vishnu Nandakumar services forwarding his blazing comments concernining Asifa’s rape case. The latter horrific story had shattered India as well as other countries across the world.

Kotak Mahindra Bank, had dismissed his Kochi branch Assistant Manager Vishnu Nandakumar as the bank received complaints from the public for the staff racial comments on social media.

Taking reference to Asifa, Vishnu declared on his Facebook page hat it was “good that she was killed at this age itself. Else, she would have grown up and returned throwing bombs in India”. Though the time the publishing was not determined, the post was however widely shared and criticised on Facebook and Twitter.

Immediate action had been taken by the bank, “it is completely disheartening to see such comments being made in the aftermath of such a tragedy”, the Kotak Mahindra Bank said.