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Delhi: Teen pretended to be doctor and lured AIIMS medical staff

Delhi: Teen pretended to be doctor and lured AIIMS medical staff

An Indian teenager, Adnan Khurram, had been arrested under charges of impersonation and forgery. In fact, the latter pretended to be a doctor and managed to intrude All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. He also managed to friend doctors from several departments and would roam around the hospital wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope.

Doctor Harjit Singh Bhatti, stated that his colleagues started suspecting Khurram as the latter always had free time. He did not seem to be affected by the long shifts or odd hours, as it was the case for other doctors. The intruder was always seen hanging out at the coffee shop, chatting with others but was never seen working. Moreover, while he stated that he was a junior doctor with the seniors, he declared to junior doctors that he was an undergraduate medical student.

First Information Report by the police revealed that Khurram acted in such a way as he wanted to help an ill family to access treatment quickly. He also aspired being a doctor and had personal satisfaction pretending being one.

This incident highlights the on-going issue of fake doctors and non- meritorious degrees provided by corrupted institutions in India. The Viyapam Scam, unfolded in 2014 was described as one of the greatest educational scam as around 600 doctors obtained their MBBS by bribing lecturers or professionals.

Doctor Bhatti declared that it was difficult to unfold the claptrap as the hospital has around 2000 staff and it is difficult to keep track.