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Sex scandal hits Pakistan’s film industry, Ali Zafar blamed!

Sex scandal hits Pakistan’s film industry, Ali Zafar blamed!

On 19th April, singer Meesha Shafi accused the singer turned actor, Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. In the strongly worded tweet the singer expressed her disgust about the culture of silence present in Pakistan over issues regarding sexual assault.

She went on to talk about how unsafe and difficult it is to speak up on this matter. She explained this by saying that if this incident can happen with an established person in the industry and a mother, what about the situation of a young artist, she wonders. Hence a worldwide campaign, #MeToo was launched.

The actor Ali Zafar was quick to respond. He stated that he would settle this matter in the court of law instead of a social media platform.

Pakistan’s film industry has been extremely closed when it comes to matters like sexual harassment. It’s hardly been a day since the news broke out and the audience has already been divided on this issue. The whole accusation matter can affect Ali Zafar’s huge fan following, which is based even in India. This incident can affect his career in Bollywood.