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‘Malaria killed my daughter, I’m protecting others now’

‘Malaria killed my daughter, I’m protecting others now’

Ami was 12 years old when she passes away from malaria on 10 October 1999.

Mr Diop who is now 64 years old, has directed his pain into a constant campaign to throw away malaria in his town of ThienabaSeck, about 150km (95 miles) from Senegal’s capital, Dakar.

He gave up on his job, sold all his belongings, and walked hundreds of kilometers and persuaded thousands of people from politicians to village sanitation brigades to play their part.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), he is behind one of the reasons why Senegal is on track to declared malaria – free by 2030

Mr Diop goes around in his district communities, telling people about the importance of hanging a mosquito net over every single bed, the need for continuous and severe cleaning, and to remind them in Thienaba Seck, that every Thursday is sanitation day- hence rubbish and stagnant water should be remove as it attract mosquitoes which spread malaria.

He has persuaded the households in Tienaba Seck to bring a small amount of contribution for a sanitation fund every week. A neighborhood watch system has been set up by him, whereby people check each other hygiene and report lawbreakers to a committee.

Mr Diop put forward that there has been lots of progression on many fronts: ”We have the instant tests now, so diagnosis has improved”.

“The government has introduced free treatment for under-fives. The medication has improved. But the biggest change is the community’s level of understanding and its commitment to sanitation.”

Mr Diop will make a speech and will talk about his experience in front of 3,000 renowned scientist this week, comprising two Nobel Prize Winners, who are grouped inn Dakar for the 7th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria conference.

DoudouSene, the coordinator of Senegal’s NationalProgramme to fight malaria, will be among them – government funded bodies who work far away from the ThienabaSeck community and has bring his contribution to helped the country make countless progresses towards eliminating the mosquito-borne parasite.