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Rwanda: ‘Genocide-era graves’ found

Rwanda: ‘Genocide-era graves’ found

24 years after the country’s genocide which led around 800,000 people death, their mass graves have been discovered.

According to the local resident they believe that the graves comprise of the remaining’s of around 3000 people who went missing in their area during the period of genocide.

This discovery came just a week after an official mourning period for the victims of one of the world’s worst modern day tragedies.

The volunteers have been have been organizing an excavation this week after a woman has showed them the location. According the woman she said she had seen the bodies which were dumped there more than two decades ago.

The relatives of the genocide victims have been gathering towards location to have a look at their loved one that might have been buried there.

However this discovery has led to several questions in the Rwandan media about why people who were aware of these sites did not disclose their existence all this time.

Some of those convicted for taking part in the genocide have already completed their sentences and have been released from prison.