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India: A tea vendor prepared his drinks with toilet water from a train

India: A tea vendor prepared his drinks with toilet water from a train

The man and his accomplices were filmed by the train cameras as they came out of the train toilets with their arms full of bottles full of water drawn from the washrooms and hence, unfit for consumption. The tea vendor from Telangana state trains in India was fined for serving drinks made with toilet water. Another seller who worked aboard the Chennai-Hyberadad Express was arrested and sentenced to pay 1,246 euros as fines.

The Indian Railway Company, which was very much offended by this practice, stated that the train washroom was not a suitable place for taking water to make tea. “The very fact that bottles of tea and coffee were seen coming out of the toilet is totally unacceptable,” said a spokeswoman from the Railway company in a statement. The company added that “the incident is still the subject of a detailed investigation“.

This case has a trait with a series of health scandals shaking India in recent months. This week, the police got their hands on slabs of tainted meat (meat filled with bacteria) sold to restaurants in Calcutta. 20 tons of spoiled meat were seized by the authorities.

The meat came from landfills where vultures and dogs fight for carcasses in the vicinity of the city,” said Koteshwar Rao, a police officer from West Bengal. According to government figures, food poisoning is one of the most common ailments in India.