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India : Villagers kill stray dogs to avenge the death of children

India : Villagers kill stray dogs to avenge the

death of children

Furious and vengeful Indian villagers have killed a dozen stray dogs in retaliation for the deaths of children killed by canines, local press reports said. Dog attacks have claimed the lives of 14 children since January …

Although the law prohibits the killing of stray dogs, the residents of Khairabad village in northern Uttar Pradesh shot dead three dogs and beat ten others to death, in an act of revenge.

30 million stray dogs in India

All hell broke loose by the sudden death of three children under the age of twelve under the fangs of dog packs in separate incidents on Tuesday 1st May. The victims were harvesting mangos in the fields around the village. “Our investigation revealed that the children were alone at the time of the attacks,” said Sureshrao A. Kulkarni, police chief of Sitapur District, confirming the slaughter of the canids.

A team of veterinarians and forest rangers is now trying to regain control of the situation. Authorities attribute this increase in dog attacks to the closure of a slaughterhouse in the area in November, where most stray dogs fed on the remains of dead animals.

It is estimated that India has about thirty million stray dogs. Nearly 17 million cases of dog assaults are reported each year. Approximately 20,000 people die of rabies in this South Asian country every year, according to 2014 World Health Organization (WHO) figures.