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Madhuri Dixit’s dance moves will make you go back in time

Madhuri Dixit’s dance moves will make you go back in time

To all the Madhuri Dixit fans out there, it’s time for you to celebrate. The gorgeous actress will wow you with her impressive dance moves and vibrant expressions in the song “Houn Jau Dya”.

The makers of her upcoming movie, “Bucket list”, have shared a video of her where Madhuri is executing amazing dance moves. The lyrics of the song by Mandar Cholkar, are prefect and Shampa Gopikrishna’s choreography suits the actress’s playful nature. The dance sequence occurs at a family gathering. Sung by Sadhana Sargam, Shreya Ghosal and Shaan, the song “Houn Jau Dya”,  has been composed by Rohan and Rohan.

The movie is about the unfulfilled wishes of a woman and describes her journey of self-discovery and realization. The movie is produced by Karan Johar and is directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar. There is much anticipation and expectation surrounding the film, the film is expected to release on May 25th and we can’t wait to see Madhuri Dixit’s charming expressions and elaborate dance moves.

Till then, be in awe of the dancing and expressions skills of the legendary actress.