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India : 3 000 missing children found by a facial recognition app

India : 3 000 missing children found by a facial recognition app

The Indian police has just tested a facial recognition application for missing children. Thankfully the test was a highly successful one. In just 4 days, nearly 3 000 children were positively identified.

Since 2012, around 250 000 children went missing according to the Ministry of Women and Children. Some organizations believe the sum total of disappearances could even be double this number. In many cases, the missing children have been sold off or have fallen victims of child labour or human trafficking. Worse still, numerous cases of missing children go unreported.

The need for a facial recognition software

About 20 million orphans live all over India. Thus, it is extremely difficult, in fact even impossible to effectively recognise anyone by manually going through photographs from a database to match the missing children. The Indian police has set up a modern facial recognition system (FRS) using an application to facilitate and speed up these identifications.

The disappearance of children is a real tragedy which is plaguing India. Out of a population of 1.3 billion people, an average of five children disappear everyday. Ideally, this type of software will help reunite missing children with their families and orphans’ lives could be saved from evil human predators.