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Visit India and live a lifetime adventure

Visit India and live a lifetime adventure

Right from your very first steps into India, you will be submerged under a wave of heat and dirt, a palette of raw colours and spicy and pungent scents. The weather conditions fluctuate a lot, the inland trips take months, the minutes lengthen over endless surprises, then melt into the unravelling fog of hours and days.

Some may avoid India, others keep going back to visit : 28 states, 6 Union Territories and the National Capital Territory of New Delhi – it’s not just a country you shall get to explore, it’s a continent. The expedition is a physically demanding experience if you want to discover villages in Western Ghats; contemplative, if you get to listen to the snoring of your companions aboard long distance local trains; sociological if you want to observe the potter making awesome pottery, and if you want to be both poetic and romantic, there’s the Taj Mahal to take your breath away. . .
Visit an old Portuguese fort, or a venerable Jewish synagogue; seek shelter from rain in an isolated palace, ride a camel but be accompanied by a guide; at the bazaar, bargain for a silver candlestick, a carpet, an antique dagger or contemporary jewellery made of gemstones.

Some travel to India to recharge their batteries, find inner peace beyond chaos, or even stay in a meditation centre. Others opt for social or ecological engagement, often with the hope of learning more about themselves.

A trip to India still has a good deal of spirituality, with a river where elephants bathe, or in front of the colourful and deafening spectacle of a religious holiday. Go down the Ganges rapids rafting, practise yoga at dawn on a beach, capture on camera the wildlife in a wildlife reserve, photograph the flowers of a Himalayan meadow, admire the Kamasutra postures carved on the facade of a temple – you would not have too many avatars in your kitty to exhaust all the possibilities offered by this gigantic and resourceful country. Have a wonderful and safe trip!