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India : 2 con artists claimed to make space suits for NASA

India : 2 con artists claimed to make space suits for NASA

Two Indians who claimed to have been assigned to make space suits for NASA, swindled more than $ 200,000 from a businessman. They were arrested on Wednesday, May 9, by the New Delhi police who paraded them in their fake costumes. The duo are in fact, father and son.

A ‘magic’ copper plate

According to the father and his son, the plate had magical powers since it had been struck by lightning. The two crooks assured the tradesman that he could sell it at a much higher price later on.

They declared that they needed money to develop antiradiation suits for NASA. To fool their investor, the father and son hired theatre actors. But a flash of lightning swept over the businessman’s mind when he requested the scammers to do an outdoor demonstrative test, wearing the fake NASA costumes outside and in public vision. When the two men repeatedly cancelled the tests in public on the pretext of bad weather, the entrepeneur became suspicious. He then alerted the police.

Parade in space suits

These con artists were not at their first attempt. They had previously sold medicinal snakes and ‘magic’ mirrors. They also pretended that they were building a machine which could generate electricity with lightning. The father and his son have already extorted money from more than 30 victims.

The two crooks allegedly looted nearly 30 victims.

After arresting the two men, the police compelled them to walk in their suits made of aluminum. The photos and videos of the parade were shared on social networks and fetched lots interactiveness from social media users.