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India : Ferry sinks, dozens of people dead or missing – Rescue teams at work

India : Ferry sinks, dozens of people dead or missing – Rescue teams at work

Due to strong gusts of winds blowing all over South India, a river ferry capsized on Tuesday 15 May. 20 people survived and succeeded in swimming back to safety that same Tuesday evening after the ferry sank into the Godavari River but others are yet to be found. Formal record-keeping is practically rare for the many ferries that work on rivers in India, making it tedious to know how many people were actually on the boat. Hence, since there is no official list of passengers who were aboard that ferry, and rescue parties still looking for survivors, the number of wrecked people gone missing is in the range of 10 to 40.

Police and a team from the National Disasters Relief Force scanned the Godaveri river for survivors. Even fishermen rushed to the river to dive and look for drowned persons. But the accident occurred in the late evening, and the search for survivors was slowed down by poor communications and the fall of darkness.

The ferry captain reported the incident to the local police station. Since then, there is still no official statement issued by the authorities about the cause of the drowned ferry. Overcrowding could be the reason, according to some locals.

In November 2017, a ferry capsized in Andhra Pradesh, claiming the lives of at least 19 people. Unfortunately, the frequency of the capsizing of ferries is quite high in India, owing to overcrowding or poor maintenance of those boats…