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Race 3 trailer is out and people can’t get enough of it

Race 3 trailer is out and people can’t get enough of it

The Race 3 trailer was released on the 15th of May and within a day it has already become a talking point. The ‘Race’ franchise has been, for last decade, producing hit action films. This Abbas Mustan movie series has been extremely successful in the past primarily because of the ability to strike a balance between drama and action.

Race 3 will feature a new lead role. Saif Ali Khan will be replaced by the Dabangg star Salman Khan. The movie is all set for release on the 15th of June. The film has been directed by Remo D’Souza and is being produced by Ramesh Taurani and Salman Khan himself.

The trailer gives the viewer an indication as to what is to be expected. One can clearly deduce that the film is going to be heavy on action, something that fits the profile of Salman Khan. When asked about this project, this is what Salman had to say, “Earlier, we used to have a ‘musical action bonanza’ which hasn’t come in a while.

A film with big scale music, emotion, action, youth kind, which you watch, whistle in the end and go back home happy. This is one of those films, which I’ve never done at all”. The Race movies have always depended on action more than script and this time also, the situation remain the same.

The dialogues that were in the trailer were unable to arouse the seriousness that’s needed for an action film. The trailer gives the viewer an impression that the script is going to be weak. We hope for the best !

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