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Cannes film festival : The troubled voice of India

Cannes film festival : The troubled voice of India

The film presented by India at the Cannes Film Festival is from director Nandita Das. According to reports, this movie tells the story of the exile of the writer Manto in Pakistan at the time of the Partition of India-Pakistan. It also echoes the violence shaking India today.

If Manto is about the life of a man whose writings on the partition of India forced him to leave Bombay for Lahore in 1948, shortly after the birth of Pakistan, he also wants to bring to highlight the current harsh realities of the sub-continent where new chapters of violence continue to be written in the present.

Superbly enacted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saadat Hasan Manto, who defended the cause of the abandoned, testifies to the “pain and suffering” of the one who felt “misunderstood” and who had to abandon his beloved city, where were buried his parents and his son.

Nandita Das has managed to portray a timeless movie and has shown herself worthy to represent India at the Festival de Cannes. Her film is reportedly a response to what is going on around her – from the humanism to the freedom of expression and to the tension during the Partition of India and Pakistan and also to the the problems afflicting today’s India.