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India : New Delhi to become the world’s most populated city in 10 years

India : New Delhi to become the world’s most populated city in 10 years

In 10 years, New Delhi will topple Tokyo from the supremo title of the most populated city in the world. Therotically, the Indian city will then have some 39 million inhabitants – 10 million more than today ouchhh!!! – while the capital of Japan will peak at 37 million. This change of hierarchy is only one of many upheavals promised by the rapid urbanization of a part of the planet, according to a study by the United Nations, made public on Wednesday, May 16th.

Is it a crown or a curse ?

New Delhi’s human overpopulation has led to a severe crisis and war for water. People are fighting for water and sometimes even killing one another for this valuable resource. Also, what was a major water source for the city a few years back, the Yamuna River, is now being used for purposes such as washing clothes and as dumpstation for factory gas leakage, leading to a tremendous amount of pollution and unsafe drinking conditions.This is a major disadvantage for the citizens of the area. Also during this horrific time, water supplying companies charge a large amount of money for tap water, causing people under the poverty line (which is close to 13 percent) to get absolutely no drinking water supply. This causes many deaths and one-tenth of the population to not have access to water.

What can be done ?

First and foremost : 52% of the New Delhi water distribution is wasted by leaks during the flow of water in the pipelines. If this wastage is curbed, this water could prove very useful for the New Delhi residents. To cope with the water shortage, it is therefore primordial to repair damaged water pipes or install new pipelines,

Next Step : New Delhi should urgently stop human overpopulation by enforcing a law, such as the single child law in China. This law can lead New Delhi and the rest of india from becoming a rapid growing country to a more slower but stable growing country in terms of population. Thankfully, India has already begun to set up several programs that are trying to shrink the population over-growth. The Family Planning Association of India is trying to create an awareness about the importance to limit the birth rate to only two offsprings. But that also has come up to be a problem because there is a couple of reasons why some families have numerous children, such as poverty and religious beliefs.

Overpopulation in New Delhi and most of India has led to the rapid growth of population in the country of India as a whole. Even though many attempts have been tried, it is only miniscule to the amount of work it will take for New Delhi/India to reach a slow and steady rate of growth.