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Aamir Khan’s “Mahabharat”, packed with superstars

Aamir Khan’s “Mahabharat”, packed with superstars

It has been in the news that actor Aamir Khan is keen on making a film on “Mahabharat”. He had also expressed the wish of dong the role of Arjun in the movie. However, according to sources, Aamir also wants to cast the big stars of Bollywood in this Indian epic.

Actor Salman Khan is being considered for the role of Lord Krishna, after he expressed his wish of being part of this huge project. Aamir had earlier pointed out that he wants Deepika Padukone to play the role of Draupadi in the movie.

Also, Aamir, who is currently busy shooting for “Thugs of Hindoustan”, wants his co-star Amitabh Bachchan to play the role of the king, Dhritharashtra.

If all goes well, this multi-starer movie will have be a huge affair in B-Town. Fans all of the stars will come together to watch this masterpiece.