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Controversial Godman, Osho Rajneesh’s biopic to be released

Controversial Godman, Osho Rajneesh’s biopic to be released

Osho Rajneesh’s story has been a matter of much controversy in the past. And since most controversies make good stories, this story is being made into a movie.

Titled, “Osho: The Other Side of the Ocean”, the movie was announced at the Cannes film festival. It will be produced by Subash Gai and directed by Italian director, Lakshen Sucameli in English language for the global market. All the contentions aspects of Osho’s life, from childhood till his death in 1990 will be focused on in the movie.

The story has been co-written by a devotee of Osho, Sucameli along with famed story writer Kamlesh Pandey. The film will be from the point of view of a female journalist in America who followed Osho’s life from his days in America to his death in Pune in the year 1990.

The main character is at first very skeptical towards Osho and his commune but changes her mind through time… In this way I hope to catch the attention of those who still see Osho with a negative attitude, which includes a large part of movie goers, especially in the States,” said Sucameli.

While his teachings still continue to influence millions of people around the world, the movie is sure to garner both positive and negative attention.