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India and Pakistan opt for peace at the Line of Control

India and Pakistan opt for peace at the Line of Control (LoC)

In 2003, the armies of India and Pakistan had signed a peace agreement. Now with less than 60 days left before the general elections in Pakistan, the military armies of both countries pledge not to violate that same agreement which stipulates that India and Pakistan will not trespass each other’s territories separated by the border in Kashmir.

According to international polical analysts, these two countries have always accused each other of wrongdoings before any declaration of good intentions. However, this time, both parties have announced the immediate implementation of the 2003 ceasefire treaty. Interesting.


Some observers are sceptic – is this a real peace-establishing initiative or an act of striking a sword in the water? But one thing is certain: the agreement duly signed on Tuesday 29th May between the staffs of the Indian and Pakistani armies is unprecedented. Indeed, the two enemy brothers of the subcontinent have decided to restore the cease-fire at the Line of Control (not recognized by the international community) which divides the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan and the part of Kashmir ruled by Pakistan.

The general elections in Pakistan will be held in July. Meanwhile, peacemongers are keeping their fingers crossed….