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Kajol to voice for “The Incredibles 2”

Kajol to voice for “The Incredibles 2”

“The Incredibles” is that one Disney-Pixar that holds a special place in the heart of many. The Indian audiences were definitely impressed with the release of the first movie back in 2004. To the joy of many, “The Incredibles” family will be returning soon and as per reports, Kajol is all set to voice for the matriarch of the family, Helen Parr aka Elastigirl.

The trend of roping in famous Bollywood actors for the Hindi versions of films has become popular off late. In 2004, Shah Rukh Khan gave his voice for Bob, the head of the Parr family. TV actress Rakshanda Khan, voiced for Helen Parr. This time, Kajol will be joining in the fun by voicing Elastigirl.

Speaking of the same, Kajol mentions how the Incredibles family is a heartwarming tale of a family just like any other family and yet so different. There were many points in the story that she could relate to. The actress is quite excited to contribute to the film in her way and add to the fun.

Bikram Duggal, the head of Studio Entertainment, Disney India talks about how the Indian audiences are receptive to these stories. The addition of Kajol will definitely appeal to families and newer audiences.

In the past, Priyanka Chopra (Ka, The Jungle Book), Ranveer Singh (Deadpool 2), Rana Duggabati, (Thanos, Avengers: Infinity War), Tiger Shroff, (Spider-Man) and Varun Dhawan (Captain America: Civil War) have lent their voices for the Indian language versions of Disney films.