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INDIA : 15-year-old teenager dies, trying to take a selfie atop a goods train

INDIA : 15-year-old teenager dies, trying to take a selfie atop a goods train

In the afternoon of Wednesday 30th May, Pagadala Ramasai was walking at the local railway station in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, with a group of friends when he saw a stationary goods train. The teenager then approached the vehicle and began to climb one of the wagons of the freight train up to the roof, to take a selfie.

However, during the climb, Ramasai accidentally came into contact with a 27 OOO volt live cable. He got a brutal electric shock which propulsed him several metres away and also burned his clothes.

Alarmed by the cries of panic of Ramasai’s friends, the railway station staff rushed to the spot and tried to save him. The teenager was immediately transported to the Burns Unit at the Vijayawada Hospital. His body was burned up to 95%. The doctors and the nursing staff did their best to save him, but alas. Ramasai died a few hours later as a result of his severe injuries.

India accounts for many deaths by selfies. In May, a baby of a few months died after falling from an escalator. His parents put him on the handrail to take his picture with him and the child slipped during this crazy initiative. In March, 2 teenagers died while trying to take a group selfie photo in a river. They were dragged by the river current and got drowned.

Sad Truth : India holds the record of the largest number of people killed while taking selfies. In an attempt to stop the phenomenon, the Indian government launched a national campaign to create awareness of the risks implicated when taking selfies in dangerous circumstances, at the end of 2017. But since then, the death toll due to selfies is piling up.