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Manushi Chillar and Ranveer Singh as Brand Ambassadors of Club Factory

Manushi Chillar and Ranveer Singh as Brand Ambassadors of Club Factory

Club Factory is a global e-commerce fashion brand with a strong presence in Europe, South Asia and the US. This Chinese-owned brand lets people buy a wide range of products, from clothes to accessories, from shoes to bags, at affordable prices that are unbeaten by any other e-commerce brand. Recently, Publicis Beehive earned the mandate to advertise and launch the brand properly in India. In order to meet this objective, the company has decided to announce the Indian actor Ranveer Singh and Miss World Manushi Chillar as the brand ambassadors.

Ranveer Singh is one of the most successful Bollywood actors. He is also a youth icon and fashion icon of Bollywood. Ranveer is the best face of a brand that vouches for a variety of fashion at your behest.

Miss World Manushi Chillar has become the newest sensation and is very active in brand advertising and promotions. Her winning the crown after 17 years for India has definitely brought a lot of spotlight, making her a favorite among brands. This powerful duo will definitely play an active role in the successful launch of Club Factory in India.

Both the stars have already worked in a high decibel video ad, which introduces the viewers to the wide variety of products at Club Factory. Let’s hope that the audience gets a lot more from this ambitious pairing!