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Dhadak Review: the heart of Sairat is lost in Dhadak

Khushi Kapoor gets teary-eyed at her sister’s “Dhadak” movie launch

Dhadak Review: the heart of Sairat is lost in Dhadak

A story about the innocence of first love withstanding the cruelty of political and societal pressures is showcased by the raw performances of debut stars, Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor. But unlike the engaging and standout script, performances and emotions displayed in Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat, the Bollywood remake leaves a lot to be desired. The film follows the original in most parts, but fails to portray the emotion in most places.

The story is visually appealing as it moves from the architectural beauty and charm of Udaipur to the crowded cities of Mumbai and Kolkata. But some remains unfulfilled in some aspect of first love, class differences, societal boundaries and the ramifications of eloping. Parthavi (Janhvi) is the daughter of local politician Ratan Singh while Madhukar (Ishaan) is the son of a restaurant owner, both belonging to different classes and economic backgrounds.

Ishaan’s performance displays the energy and zest of a newcomer while holding the refinement of a seasoned star. Janhvi’s performance falls short in comparison. Although she looks gorgeous and catches the right tone in the beginning of the film, her emotional scenes aren’t as powerful as the ones delivered by her co-star.

The biggest drawback of the entire story is how polished and groomed the lead actors appear to be, even in their worst times. The film glamorizes people living on the lower edge of the economic strata; with the way Parthavi and Madhukar step out in fashionable clothes, prim and proper from head to toe even while they are living on rent in a cramped, one-bedroom house.

All in all, a deeper dive in the subject would have created a greater impact in the minds of moviegoers.