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Ram Gopal Varma to add his touch in another Sanjay Dutt biopic?

Ram Gopal Varma to add his touch in another Sanjay Dutt biopic?

Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Sanju’ is a blockbuster and minting profit at the box office. However, the film didn’t please Ram Gopal Varma and therefore the director has announced another biopic on the real story about Sanjay Dutt. He even announced the tentative title for the film, ‘Sanju – The Real Story’.

According to the sources, Hirani’s ‘Sanju’ is an effort to whitewash Dutt’s controversial image, however “Varma’s film will focus on the possession of AK-56 rifle by the 59-year-old actor.”

Ram Gopal Varma confirmed that he is making a film since he ‘loved the biopic but was disappointed with the manner it dealt with Dutt’s struggle with drugs and his brush with the law.’

The source also added, ” That Dutt was doing drugs, was traumatized by his mother’s battle with cancer [she died three days before the release of his first film Rocky], had multiple flings, many of them one-night stand is all well documented.” RGV’s film will feature the background information on the controversy that haunted Dutt and his family for over two decades. It will also highlight the details about who spurred him to acquire the rifle and how the firearms were delivered.

The filmmaker has already started the research and meeting all the people involved in this investigation.

However, he still needs to take the official permission from Sanjay Dutt.  Namrata Dutt, Sanjay’s sister said, “Doesn’t Varma need Sanjay’s approval to make it? If Sanjay gives a go-ahead, we are nobody to say no to him. His stories are dark. Why do you want to go on and on about Sanjay’s life? Why is he putting us through so much pain again?”