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Les épines et les fleurs de l’hémicycle

Les épines et les fleurs de l’hémicycle

Pour ne pas déroger à la règle, quelques propos, parfois sévères, des fois humoristiques, ont été échangées entre les Parlementaires dans l’hémicycle ce mardi 24 juillet. Nous vous rapportons quelques transcrits des discussions de mardi dernier. Un exercice que nous ferons désormais chaque semaine. Ainsi, voici les épines et les fleurs de l’hémicycle :
Mr A. Duval: Thank you. This was one of the main pledges of the Alliance Lepep and we are to understand now from the reply of the Prime Minister that the Ministerial Committee has not yet made recommendations for financing of political parties, has not yet studied it at all, four years down the line, is that what we are to understand?

The Prime Minister: It is a good thing that the debates are being broadcasted live on TV because I am sure everybody must have listened to my answer where I stated that the Ministerial Committee has already made recommendations to me and that it is being looked at, at the level of my Office. And then it will be brought back to Cabinet and after that, if there is a consensus, obviously, we will come to this House.

Mr Ameer Meea: Yes, Madam Speaker, there were some information in the Press to the effect that when and, if the reform comes, it will not be applicable for the next general elections, that is normally due in December 2019. So, therefore, can I ask the hon. Prime Minister if he can confirm this information? The

Prime Minister: Madam Speaker, I do not go by the Press. Unfortunately – I must say unfortunately – there are so many misinformation that are being published on and off, not to say everything, but on a number of issues.

Mr Rutnah: Thank you, Madam Speaker. On the same issue of loans, grants and lines of credit taken, since the hon. Prime Minister has stated that there is information that is being compiled, can I ask in the same vein to compile similar information in regard to loans that were taken by the country since 2005 to 2014, and how those were distributed and used?

Madam Speaker: This is a different question, hon. Rutnah! I am sorry. This has nothing to do with the main question!

Mr Uteem: Thank you, Madam Speaker. During my intervention in the Budget and also we had stated that it is not normal for Government, instead of borrowing, to borrow through private companies, which are owned by the company and guaranteed by the Government. So, by refusing today to give indication as to how much money is being borrowed by these private companies owned by the Government, is not the hon. Prime Minister agreeing with us that there is total opacity now with the financing, with the borrowing made by Government through Special Purpose Vehicles?

The Prime Minister: The opacity is in your head because…


I am not refusing to give the answer. You have not listened to me, what I have said?

Madam Speaker: Hon. Prime Minister, please address the Chair. Do not get into conversations, please!

Dr. Boolell: This is very serious, Madam Speaker. Why is it that there and then they are not being dispensed with the drugs? Why do they have to go to private…

Dr. Husnoo: They are being given…

Mr A. Duval: (…) Is the hon. Minister sending anyone overseas for training?

Dr. Husnoo: I have just explained that, Madam Speaker.

Madam Speaker: The hon. Minister just replied! Next question, hon. Rughoobur!

Madam Speaker: Hon. Osman Mahomed, I have told you several times, just to be brief in your questions, and one by one, please.

The Deputy Prime Minister: Based on what?

Mr Osman Mahomed: Competition, it is going to be a competitive process.

The Deputy Prime Minister: Tariff based on competition?

Mr Osman Mahomed: Yes, you just said that there will be a – whatever, you just mentioned about tariff….

Madam Speaker: Ask your question!

Madam Speaker: Hon. Osman Mahomed, can I just interrupt you to tell you that your question is in regard to the proposed Affermage Management Contract. Is that question related to the proposed Affermage Management Contract?

Mr Osman Mahomed: It certainly is. Can I ask the hon. Deputy Prime Minister whether this lethargy is being done purposely to set the scene for the recruitment of an Affermage Management Contractor? The

Deputy Prime Minister: I am not used to flippancy coming from this particular Member. This is a flippant question.

Mr A. Duval: Yes, Madam Speaker. The question is: what are the tests being carried out now exactly and whether they will still be carried out under the Affermage?

The Deputy Prime Minister: All the tests that are carried out are carried out properly and they will continue to be …


Well, do not interrupt me! I am sorry, do not interrupt me when I am talking!

Madam Speaker: Ask your question and do not be lengthy!

Mr Osman Mahomed: In 2004, it was estimated to be 55%. In 2015, IFC estimated it to be 60%, notwithstanding massive investment that have gone into pipe replacement.

Madam Speaker: Ask your question, hon. Osman Mahomed!

Mr Baboo: Does the hon. Minister find it normal when the project has already started that now we are having the visits of experts to give their views and approval?

Mr Bodha: The project has not started yet. The extension of the Metro from Victoria Square to Immigration Square is going to be in the second stage. That is the first thing.