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Who will play Gulshan Kumar in his Biopic ‘Mogul’?

Who will play Gulshan Kumar in his Biopic ‘Mogul’?
Gulshan Kumar

Popular for the music from T-Series, Gulshan Kumar has recently announced the making of his biopic. Soon after the announcement, the film titled ‘Mogul’ made headlines again, for Aamir Khan was said to be the co-producer. The film was also in talk for Akshay Kumar’s exit from the movie. The reason behind was the actor having some differences over the script.

The first poster with Akshay was even released. But soon after Aamir joined as co-producer and got writer Subhash Kapoor to redo the script according to him, the ‘Gold’ star left the film and returned the signing amount with a ‘thank you’ note.

However, now while the hunt for the lead role is in full swing, names of Ranbir Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput have popped up. Though filmmakers have not confirmed anything, there were speculations that Aamir Khan has offered the role to Ranbir Kapoor. While no source has confirmed this news, the talk is going around that Ranbir seems the ideal choice for Gulshan and Aamir.

Since Aamir shares a good bond with Ranbir, chances are that he will cajole the ‘Sanju’ star to take up the project. Moreover, the chances of Sushant doing the films seems very low as he is already busy with multiple projects and a lot more in the pipeline.

Who will play Gulshan Kumar in his Biopic ‘Mogul’?