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Uttar Pradesh… 24 girls allegedly sexually abused are now safe

The Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case

Where will it stop? Twenty-four girls were rescued from a shelter home in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, two weeks after Bihar’s Muzaffarpur home shelter episode where 34 allegedly sexual abuses were confirmed. According to reports, three persons had been arrested for sexual exploitation of the girls in Deoria. 18 inmates are still missing according to same report.

The raid start after a 10 year old escaped and ring the alert in a woman police station.

In the Shelter Home in Deoria, twenty-four girls were finally rescued but 18 are still missing. Minister of U.P. Women and Child Development Minister of India, Rita Bahuguna Joshi confirmed that the recognition of the NGO was revoked last year and government stop all funding. An inquiry will be open to know how it was run. The girl who ran away report that many times white, black and red cars used to come and take away the girls. When they returned back to the shelter, they cry.

The three persons arrested are Girija Tripathi and her husband Mohan Tripathi, who operated the shelter home, and its superintendent Kanchanlata.

Medical tests of the children would now be made by a woman doctor on the girls to confirm sexual abuse.


Uttar Pradesh… 24 girls allegedly sexually abused are now safe