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Shocking Video: An Indian Cop’s son Brutally Thrashes a Woman in Delhi

An Indian Cop’s son Brutally Thrashes a Woman in Delhi
Delhi cop's son thrashes woman, uses the video to threaten his girlfriend

In a shocking incident, a viral video has surfaced on Social Media where an Indian guy named Rohit can be seen mercilessly thrashing and kicking a lady in her stomach. It’s really sad to see that the guy thrashing this lady is the son of an Indian sub inspector and seems to be misusing his privilege.

The brutality is clearly visible in the video. He dragged the lady by pulling her hair, slapped her numerous times, hit her badly with his elbows and knees despite the lady pleading to let her go.

She kept on requesting and begging him to stop, but Rohit turned a deaf ear and continuously kept on beating her. She fell down multiple times after the guy kicked her in the stomach.

This horrifying incident occurred in the premises of a building which looks like a BPO call centre which was almost vacant, except for two to three guys including the lady who is been beaten by the guy. The video is been recorded by Ali, one of the friends and classmate of Rohit, who can be heard screaming repeatedly from behind insisting him to stop by saying “Rohit Are you Mad?” please stop that’s enough, but Rohit keeps on hitting her while hurling abuses and giving bad words, threatening her. Ali calls the lady as “Amrita” and asks her to stand up but he doesn’t intervene or stop Rohit from beating her.

These disturbing visuals have surfaced in front of everyone all thanks to Social Media. This video was found on the Thursday on a Facebook page named ‘Turban and Beard’ after which it went viral. Rohit was under the influence of alcohol while assaulting the lady.

This is really an unfortunate incident and it’s high time that strict action should be taken by the Delhi police against this guy. The victim has been traced, the guy recording the video and the accused guy named Rohit Tomar have also been traced and were arrested on Firday. Police have registered a case of rape and assault against Rohit Tomar.

The lady named Jyoti has filed an FIR against Rohit in which she stated that he was troubling her from past few months and also threatening her family. The girl was in relationship with Rohit before finally breaking up. This video was actually sent by Rohit to Jyoti threatening her to marry him or else he will assault her just like the girl (Amrita) shown in the video.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has taken cognisance of this video, condemned this incident and tweeted about the same demanding strict action against this guy so as to give justice to the victim.

Warning: The following video is violent/graphic. Viewer discretion is advised