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Policeman Carries a Pregnant Woman to Hospital in His Arms

Policeman Carries a Pregnant Woman to Hospital in His Arms
policeman carrying woman-img source(ani)

What do we call it as, a moment to be proud of or a moment to be ashamed about? In a heartwarming incident, a policeman from Mathura carried a pregnant woman in his arms to a district hospital in Uttar Pradesh as the ambulance failed to reach the destination. The good thing is that the policeman managed to save the woman and her baby. The photo of this incident has gone viral on social media.

The policeman named Sonu Kumar was present at the railway station and saw some disturbance over there. When he enquired about the scenario he came to know that a woman was undergoing a labour pain at the station and her husband was asking for help. The policeman rushed to help her out and called the ambulance. They waited for hours for the ambulance to arrive, but the ambulance failed to reach even after hours of waiting.

Then the policeman rushed the pregnant woman to a nearest medical facility on an e-rickshaw where he was told that the woman needs to be admitted. He asked for a stretcher which was unavailable. On realizing that the women’s health is deteriorating he took her to the district hospital in his arms where the woman delivered a baby.

Bhavana, the pregnant woman and her husband thanked the policeman for saving the lives of both the mother and her baby.

Immense respect to the police officer who did such a noble cause of saving a precious life. There are many underprivileged people out there in rural India who still don’t get access to the most basic medical facilities.