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Executive Sacked for Discrimination Against Ex-employee for Being Homosexual

Executive Sacked for Discrimination Against Ex-employee for Being Homosexual
Tech Mahindra-img source(indiatv)

One of the executives of a top MNC company, Tech Mahindra has been sacked by the company for discriminating against one of the ex-employees for being homosexual.

The victim Gaurav Pramanik, a homosexual man took to Twitter to express his ordeal of being harassed by Richa Gautam, the training lead at Tech Mahindra who often used homophobic slurs and passed derogatory comments against him. She would often ridicule him about his sexual orientation. Gaurav narrated the whole issue on Twitter pleading the management to look into this serious issue. He accused Gautam of discriminatory behavior at the workplace.

Tech Mahindra, one of the Indian tech giant soon took a decision to sack her after an investigation was requested by the former gay employee Gaurav Pramanik.

The company in a tweet stated, “At Tech Mahindra, we believe in diversity & inclusion & condemn discrimination of any kind in the workplace”.

Gaurav said he had not received any communication from the company apart from the tweet.“I have not received any email or call from the company on the results of the investigation“. No apology yet ”How did it go unchecked?” questioned Gaurav to the management.

Gaurav Pramanik had earlier uploaded the screenshots of the emails he had sent to Richa Gautam after the Supreme Court of India had decriminalized homosexuality earlier this month. In this email, he alleged that Gautam expressed her hatred for homosexuals and also mocked him for being ‘effeminate’. He also told that Richa had passed derogatory remark at some other employee as well and called him gay for crying.

Gaurav, the victim later took to Twitter to express his gratitude and thanked everyone who stood by him and also appreciated the motivation and support offered by the netizens. Thanks to social media, the burning issues which were restricted to four walls are now been discussed in the public forums and this is what awakens the company and its senior level management.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra group has taken a cognizance of this issue and assured that appropriate action would be taken.

Executive Sacked for Discrimination Against Ex-employee for Being Homosexual