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A Cop Spent Rs. 30 Lakh to Make His City Green Like Chandigarh

A Cop Spent Rs. 30 Lakh to Make His City Green Like Chandigarh
Devender Sura-Sonepat-img source(indiatimes)

How many of us actually are worried about trees and environment around us? A handful! Over the decades, we have destroyed the greenery and the ecosystem around us. Majority of the people are busy in cutting trees to make way for construction of roads, highways and lavish apartments. Some cities like Delhi struggle to breathe because of the rising vehicular pollution.

In this age of deforestation, a cop has spent a whopping amount of Rs. 30 Lakh only to make his city ‘Sonepat’ green like Chandigarh. He has been selflessly and relentlessly working for the past six years only to make his city healthier and greener like Chandigarh, which is the perfect example of a planned city known for its greenery.

The cop named Devender Sura has spent Rs. 30 Lakh from his own salary over a duration of 6 years since he started this noble cause in 2012. His initiative has reached over 152 village panchayats in Sonepat. He has connected with over 2000 youths in order to plant trees with the help of team formed.

Here’s what he had to say when asked about the initiative “When I first saw Chandigarh after joining the force, I got mesmerised by the beauty of the city and certainly greenery was the core of that beauty. I thought of doing the same with my own city Sonepat and decided to follow what Corbusier had done-planting one type of tree on one road. Corbusier had chosen Pilkhan and so did I”.

He has planted varieties of species of trees which includes Pilkhan, Pipal led which have been planted in large numbers. Pilkhan grows faster which helps to keep the area greener quickly. Pipal is another favourite of Devender Sura as it helps in keeping the surroundings cooler along with the much needed shade.
Devender invests a big amount of his monthly salary towards this noble cause. It’s time that we get inspired from him and contribute in our own way for the welfare of the society.