Aamir Khan on #MeToo: I'm glad there is a clean up happening
Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao spoke about the #METOO movement-img source(IBTTIMES)

Aamir Khan on #MeToo: I’m glad there is a clean up happening

Aamir Khan appeared on the 3rd episode of Koffee with Karan season 6. The episode started on a surprisingly serious note, with a discussion happening on the #MeToo movement that has swept Bollywood of its deep-rooted discrimination and exploitation against women. Aamir and Karan discussed the implications of this movement, how positive changes this movement brought.

Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao had earlier stated that they would not be associated with anyone accused of sexual abuse. Starting off from this bold statement, Karan mentioned how he thinks it is the right thing to happen in every industry, not just films. This clean up was required to bring about a certain shift in attitude, and, the women who are speaking up are definitely empowered.

Aamir Khan responded by talking about how this kind of exploitation has been faced by women since centuries, and that it is heartbreaking to see a human being degraded and oppressed in such a manner. He is glad that a clean up is happening, and that more and more women are finding the strength to speak up.

He also goes on to talk about how Indian films, in such a patriarchal society, encourage this kind of behavior, objectifying women every now and then. The fact that such kind of an attitude is so rampant is quite awful and disturbing. Kiran and Aamir have decided that if there is reason enough to doubt the person, they would not like to be engaged with that person.

Aamir Khan on #MeToo: I’m glad there is a clean up happening