Hippisme : Affaire Gameloft ajournée au vendredi 6 juillet

Hippisme : Affaire Gameloft ajournée au vendredi 6 juillet

Au chapitre de l’hippisme mauricien, on devra patienter encore pour connaître un dénouement dans l’affaire Gameloft. En effet, l’appel de l’entraîneur Shirish Narang a été une fois de plus ajourné au vendredi 6 juillet. Le board a écouté les arguments mis en avant par Me Gavin Glover, mais surtout ceux de Me Yahia Nazroo. Ce dernier, malgré le fait qu’il jeûnait, a parlé presque ‘non-stop’ pendant presque deux heures.

La séance débute avec les questions du board quant à la présence du Docteur Dulha Atchia aux côtés de Shirish Narang, Me Gavin Glover et Me Yahia Nazroo. Le secrétaire au Bar Council n’a pas tardé à clarifier les choses, estimant que le Docteur Atchia était présent comme ‘observateur’. Tout au long de ses arguments, Me Nazroo a appuyé sur les lacunes du club entourant toute cette affaire.

Quelques points avancer par Me Yahia Nazroo sont

– No person from the management was present for the collection of samples
– Who sealed the bag?
– Three persons assisted the vet. A storekeeper, a gardener and a carpenter
– The person who had to deliver the sample to the Quantilab, waited much as he stated he had to have lunch and go to the toilet before dropping the sample
– Mr. N.Rawat has a duty to preserve every evidence which includes the CCTV Footage
– Vicky Ruhee is not a licensed vet of the club. (He collected the sample on behalf as concerned persons were absent.)
– Sample A was sent to ‘Laboratoire des courses hippiques de Paris’. The counter analysis, ‘Sample B’ was also sent to the same laboratory.
– LCH should have been said to screen the Sample and not be told to specifically confirm the presence of EPO Substances – A result was needed not a confirmation
– Shirish Narang was not in the country (in SA for the purchase of horses) and delegate his powers to Mr. Naresh Gujadhur for that said race meeting
– Gameloft was in a box in Guy Desmarais which trainer Shirish Narang is only a tenant. He is only responsible of the good condition of the box. The security provided is from the club.
– Since the Gameloft issue in 2016, rules were amended where even if a trainer is outside the country, a trainer is entitled for sanctions – As if want to ‘absolutely frame’ the trainer said Mr. Nazroo. This rule amended ‘AFTER THE GAMELOFT MATTER.’
– Prohibited substance becomes illicit substance as per the new amended rules. (EPO is an illicit substance which can’t be used at all whilst a prohibited substance is allowed only for a certain period of time