Brahmos Engineer Turns into ISI Agent After Lured for $30,000 IT job
Bramos Engineer Nishant Agarwal turns into ISI Agent-ImgSource(Google)

Brahmos Engineer Turns into ISI Agent After Lured for $30,000 IT job

Nishant Agarwal, who is working as a project engineer at Brahmos missile unit of Defence Research Development Organization, has been arrested by the UP Anti-terrorism squad from Nagpur as he has leaked some technical information to Pakistan and ISI after been lured for a $30,000 IT job in Canada.

On further interrogation, Nishant confessed that he used to chat with two girls named ‘Sejal Sharma’ and ‘Neha Sharma’ on Facebook. Sejal Sharma, one of the Facebook users offered him a job in Canada with a salary of $30,000 per month, close to 21 lakhs in Indian rupees. Nishant was lured by this offer and couldn’t resist himself, so when Sejal asked him a specimen of his work related to Brahmos missile project, he disclosed his specimen, little did he knew that he had indirectly leaked the confidential information. Later it turned out that Nishant ended up leaking sensitive information to an ISI agent in Pakistan.

4 Laptops, 2 mobile phones and his Facebook data and Google data have been seized from two persons by the UP Anti-terrorism squad in Kanpur in connection with the arrest of the 27-year-old Brahmos engineer Nishant Agarwal. The two girls with whom Nishant was chatting turned out to be fake profiles.

Nishant was constantly chatting with a girl who claimed to be a resident of Canada. She invited him to have a chat with her senior on Linkedin. Later, she sent him a link so that Nishant could chat with her seniors. The moment he clicked on the link, a malware was downloaded into his PC. Using this malware, the sensitive data was stolen from Nishant’s computer.

The UP police said that Nishant Agarwal was arrested on the charges of espionage. Even Nishant was clueless of the sensitive data been stolen from his computer. As per one of the reports by the ATS team, Nishant’s computer contained sensitive data and a manual related to the Brahmos missile which was provided to the Indian navy.

Apart from Nishant Agarwal, the Anti-terrorist squad are questioning the other DRDO employees. The biggest irony is that Nishant Agarwal was awarded ‘Young Scientist Award’ by DRDO.

Brahmos Engineer Turns into ISI Agent After Lured for $30,000 IT job